Asia Argento, an singer innate in Rome, played a purpose of a glamorous
thief named Beatrice in a crime play “B. Monkey,” that was released
in a U.S. in 1999. The distributor was Miramax. In a array of long
and mostly romantic interviews, Argento told me that Weinstein assaulted
her while they worked together.

At a time, Argento was twenty-one and a rising singer who had twice
won a Italian homogeneous of a Oscar. Argento pronounced that, in 1997, one
of Weinstein’s producers invited her to what she accepted to be a
party thrown by Miramax during a Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, on a French
Riviera. Argento felt professionally thankful to attend. When the
producer led her upstairs that evening, she said, there was no
party—only a hotel room, dull yet for Weinstein: “I’m, like, ‘Where is
the fucking party?’ ” She removed a writer revelation her, “Oh, we got
here too early,” before he left her alone with Weinstein. (The producer
denies bringing Argento to a room that night.) At first, Weinstein was
solicitous, praising her work. Then he left a room. When he returned,
he was wearing a bathrobe and holding a bottle of lotion. “He asks me to
give a massage. we was, like, ‘Look, man, we am no fucking fool,’ ” Argento
said. “But, looking back, we am a fucking fool. And we am still perplexing to
come to grips with what happened.”

Argento pronounced that, after she reluctantly concluded to give Weinstein a
massage, he pulled her dress up, forced her legs apart, and performed
oral sex on her as she regularly told him to stop. Weinstein “terrified
me, and he was so big,” she said. “It wouldn’t stop. It was a

At some point, Argento said, she stopped observant no and feigned
enjoyment, since she suspicion it was a usually approach a conflict would
end. “I was not willing,” she told me. “I said, ‘No, no, no.’ . . . It’s
twisted. A large fat male wanting to eat you. It’s a frightful angel tale.”
Argento, who insisted that she wanted to tell her story in all its
complexity, said that she didn’t physically quarrel him off, something
that has stirred years of guilt.

“The thing with being a plant is we felt responsible,” she said.
“Because, if we were a clever woman, we would have kicked him in a balls
and run away. But we didn’t. And so we felt responsible.” She described
the occurrence as a “horrible trauma.” Decades later, she said, verbal sex
is still busted for her. “I’ve been damaged,” she told me. “Just talking
to we about it, my whole physique is shaking.”

Argento removed sitting on a bed after a incident, her garments “in
shambles,” her makeup smeared. She pronounced that she told Weinstein, “I am
not a whore,” and that he began laughing. He pronounced he’d put a word on
a T-shirt. Afterward, Argento said, “He kept contacting me.” For a few
months, Weinstein seemed obsessed, charity her costly gifts.

What complicates a story, Argento straightforwardly allowed, is that she
eventually yielded to Weinstein’s serve advances and even grew close
to him. Weinstein dined with her, and introduced her to his mother.
Argento told me, “He done it sound like he was my crony and he really
appreciated me.” She pronounced that she had consensual passionate family with
him mixed times over a march of a subsequent 5 years, yet she
described a encounters as biased and “onanistic.” The first
occasion, several months after a purported assault, came before the
release of “B. Monkey.” “I felt we had to,” she said. “Because we had the
movie entrance out and we didn’t wish to annoy him.” She believed that
Weinstein would hurt her career if she didn’t comply. Years later, when
she was a singular mom traffic with childcare, Weinstein offering to pay
for a nanny. She pronounced that she felt “obliged” to contention to his sexual

Argento pronounced that she knew this hit would be used to conflict the
credibility of her allegation. In part, she said, a initial assault
made her feel captivated any time she encountered Weinstein, even
years later. “Just his body, his presence, his face, move me behind to
the small lady that we was when we was twenty-one,” she told me. “When I
see him, it creates me feel small and foolish and weak.” She pennyless down as
she struggled to explain. “After a rape, he won,” she said.

In 2000, Argento expelled “Scarlet Diva,” a film that she wrote and
directed. In a film, a heavyset writer corners a impression of
Anna, who is played by Argento, in a hotel room, asks her for a massage,
and tries to conflict her. After a film came out, women began
approaching Argento, observant that they famous Weinstein’s function in
the portrayal. “People would ask me about him since of a scene
in a movie,” she said. Some recounted identical sum to her: meetings
and veteran events altered to hotel rooms, bathrobes and massage
requests, and, in one other case, forced verbal sex.

Weinstein, according to Argento, saw a film after it was expelled in
the U.S., and apparently famous himself. “Ha, ha, really funny,”
Argento remembered him observant to her. But he also pronounced that he was
“sorry for whatever happened.” The movie’s many poignant departure
from a real-life incident, Argento told me, was how a hotel-room
scene ended. “In a film we wrote,” she said, “I ran away.”

Other women were too fearful to concede me to use their names, yet their
stories are uncannily identical to these allegations. One, a lady who
worked with Weinstein, explained her hostility to be identified. “He
drags your name by a mud, and he’ll come after we tough with his
legal team.”

Like other women in this article, she pronounced that Weinstein brought her to
a hotel room underneath a veteran pretext, altered into a bathrobe, and
“forced himself on me sexually.” She pronounced no, regularly and clearly.
Afterward, she gifted “horror, disbelief, and shame,” and
considered going to a police. “I suspicion it would be a ‘He said, she
said,’ and we suspicion about how considerable his authorised group is, and I
thought about how most we would lose, and we motionless to only move
forward,” she said. The lady continued to have veteran contact
with Weinstein after a purported rape, and concurred that subsequent
communications between them competence advise a normal operative relationship.
“I was in a exposed position and we indispensable my job,” she told me. “It
just increases a contrition and a guilt.”

From Aggressive Overtures to Sexual Assault: Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Tell Their Stories

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