Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie

Ryan Pfluger for The New York Times

Angelina Jolie, an singer famous for films including “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” “A Mighty Heart” and “Maleficent,” as good as her work as a charitable and a director, did not go into fact yet said Mr. Weinstein finished neglected advances on her during a late 1990s around a recover of “Playing by Heart.”

“I had a bad knowledge with Harvey Weinstein in my youth, and as a result, chose never to work with him again and advise others when they did,” Ms. Jolie, 42, pronounced in an email to The New York Times. “This function toward women in any field, any nation is unacceptable.”

Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow

Damon Winter/The New York Times

Just after she was selected to star in an instrumentation of a Jane Austen novel “Emma,” Gwyneth Paltrow said, she was invited to Mr. Weinstein’s hotel suite, where he suggested a massage in a bedroom. She pronounced she refused.

Ms. Paltrow, 45, went on to star in cinema including “Shakespeare in Love,” for that she won an Academy Award for Best Actress, “Iron Man” and “The Avengers,” and to found a lifestyle company, Goop. But during a time, she said, she was told to stay quiet.

“I was a kid, we was sealed up, we was petrified,” she said.

Rose McGowan


Rose McGowan

An Rong Xu for The New York Times

In 1997, a singer Rose McGowan reached a allotment with Mr. Weinstein following a hotel room confront with him during a Sundance Film Festival. She had recently played a noted purpose in a slasher film “Scream,” that came out in 1996.

The Times reported on a formerly undisclosed $100,000 allotment final week. According to a document’s language, it “was not to be construed as an admission” by Mr. Weinstein.

Ms. McGowan, 44, took to amicable media to support a women entrance brazen with allegations opposite a author — and to impugn a Hollywood personalities who remained silent.


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“Dear many of Hollywood, this is happening,” she pronounced in a Twitter post on Tuesday. “You can't brush this underneath a rug.”

Ashley Judd


Ashley Judd

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In 1997, Ashley Judd, a singer famous for cinema including “Simon Birch” and “Divine Secrets of a Ya-Ya Sisterhood,” found herself in a hotel room with Mr. Weinstein in Beverly Hills, Calif., she said.

She had spent a day sharpened a thriller “Kiss a Girls” and pronounced that when she went to accommodate with Mr. Weinstein, he was wearing a bathrobe.

Ms. Judd, 49, told The Times that he asked if she would watch him showering and regularly suggested neglected hit — a massage, a shoulder massage — in a face of steady refusals.

“How do we get out of a room as quick as probable yet alienating Harvey Weinstein?” she pronounced she remembered meditative to herself.

Rosanna Arquette


Rosanna Arquette

Valerie Macon/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

In a early 1990s, a singer Rosanna Arquette, already famous for her heading purpose in “Desperately Seeking Susan,” went to a hotel to get a book from Mr. Weinstein, she said, yet was told to find him in his room. She pronounced she encountered him in a bathrobe.

Ms. Arquette, 58, pronounced he pulled her palm toward his crotch. She pronounced he told her she was creation a mistake when she resisted his advances. “I will never be that girl,” she removed revelation him on her approach out of a room.

She told The Times that she attempted to equivocate him for a rest of her career, that has enclosed roles in cinema including “Pulp Fiction.”


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Heather Graham

In Variety on Tuesday, Heather Graham pronounced that Mr. Weinstein told her in a assembly in a early 2000s that he and his mother had an agreement that he could nap with other women when he was out of town.

“I walked out of a assembly feeling uneasy,” she wrote. “There was no pithy discuss that to star in one of those films we had to nap with him, yet a subtext was there.”

Louisette Geiss

At a news discussion on Tuesday, Louisette Geiss, a former singer and screenwriter, recounted a 2008 confront with Mr. Weinstein that aligned with a accounts offering by other women. During what was dictated to be a veteran meeting, Mr. Weinstein pleaded with Ms. Geiss to watch him masturbate, suggesting it could assistance her career, she said.

Ambra Battilana Gutierrez

Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, a model, told The New Yorker that Mr. Weinstein groped her breasts when he met with her in 2015, call her to warning a New York Police Department. In a prick operation a successive day, she prisoner audio of Mr. Weinstein regularly revelation her to go with him into his hotel room.

“Just lay with me. Don’t confuse me in a hotel. I’m here all a time,” Mr. Weinstein can he listened observant in a recording, released on Tuesday by The New Yorker.

Tomi-Ann Roberts

Tomi-Ann Roberts told The Times she was a college tyro and determined singer in 1984 when she met Mr. Weinstein while watchful tables in New York. After enlivening her to try-out for one of his movies, Mr. Weinstein invited her to accommodate where he was staying. She pronounced she arrived to find him exposed in a bathtub and that he asked her to get naked, too.

She pronounced she declined and left, feeling manipulated into desiring he was honestly meddlesome in casting her.

Katherine Kendall

Katherine Kendall, an singer famous for roles on radio and films including “Swingers,” and “A Gun for Jennifer,” pronounced Mr. Weinstein once undressed and chased her around a vital room.


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She told The Times she had been disturbed about revelation others since “I’ll never work again and no one is going to caring or trust me.”

Judith Godrèche

The French singer Judith Godrèche was 24 when she met Mr. Weinstein during a Cannes Film Festival in 1996. He invited her to his hotel suite, she pronounced to The Times, and afterwards asked to give her a massage.

“The successive thing we know, he’s dire opposite me and pulling off my sweater,” she pronounced to The Times, adding that managed to shun and leave a room.

Dawn Dunning

Dawn Dunning pronounced she was 24 when she met Mr. Weinstein in 2003. During a assembly in a hotel room, he offering her behaving work if she would determine to have three-way sex with him, she pronounced to The Times, adding that he grew indignant after she laughed it off.

“You’ll never make it in this business,” she pronounced he told her as she was withdrawal a room.

Lucia Evans

Lucia Evans told The New Yorker that Mr. Weinstein assaulted her during a Miramax bureau in 2004. There for a veteran meeting, Ms. Evans pronounced she shortly found herself alone in an bureau with Mr. Weinstein when he forced her to perform verbal sex on him, she said. “He’s a large guy. He captivated me,” she said.

Laura Madden

Laura Madden, who works in film production, told The Times that starting in 1991, Mr. Weinstein had asked her for massages during mixed hotels. “It was so manipulative,” she said. “You constantly doubt yourself — am we a one who is a problem?”

Asia Argento

Asia Argento said to The New Yorker that Mr. Weinstein forced himself on her in 1997, kicking off what she concurred was a difficult relationship, involving successive passionate relations. She pronounced she felt trapped by a energy he had over her career. “After a rape, he won,” she said.

Lauren Sivan

Lauren Sivan, 39, a radio news reporter, told HuffPost that Mr. Weinstein cornered her in a kitchen of a restaurant, attempted to lick her and afterwards masturbated in front of her. She pronounced that when she objected, he told her to “stand there and tighten up.”


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Mira Sorvino

Mira Sorvino told The New Yorker that Mr. Weinstein followed her in his hotel room and showed adult during her unit late one night. She had a veteran attribute with Mr. Weinstein for years afterward, yet a progressing incidents continued to impact her, she said. Ultimately, she suspected that her rejecting of him had harm her career.

Emily Nestor

In 2014, Mr. Weinstein told Emily Nestor that she could assistance her career by usurpation his passionate advances, according to a accounts of colleagues to whom she described their private meeting. “She pronounced he was really determined and focused yet she kept observant no for over an hour,” according to one Weinstein Company request cited by The Times.

Emma de Caunes

Ms. de Caunes pronounced Mr. Weinstein invited her to his Paris hotel room in 2010 underneath a disguise of display her a book that would be blending into a movie. Once there, she said, he undressed and told her to distortion on a bed; she refused and fled.

“I know that everybody — we meant everybody — in Hollywood knows that it’s happening,” she pronounced to The New Yorker.

Jessica Barth

The singer Jessica Barth told The New Yorker that she initial met Mr. Weinstein in 1991. He invited her to his hotel room, she said, and asked for a exposed massage while deliberating casting her in a film.

Ms. Barth pronounced that as she left, he betrothed her a assembly with a womanlike executive. “He gave me her number, and we walked out and we started bawling,” she said.

Cara Delevingne

The indication and singer Cara Delevingne said in an Instagram post that Mr. Weinstein told her she would not make it as an singer if she antiquated women. On another occasion, she said, he invited her to his hotel room, educated her to lick another lady who was there, and afterwards attempted to lick her himself.

The confront finished Ms. Delevingne feel guilty about subsequently removing a film part, she added. “I felt guilty as if we did something wrong.”


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Kate Beckinsale

In an Instagram post, a singer Kate Beckinsale pronounced that Mr. Weinstein offering her ethanol in a hotel room when she was usually 17 years old. “A few years after he asked me if he had attempted anything with me in that initial meeting,” she wrote. “I satisfied he couldn’t remember if he had assaulted me or not.”

Zoë Brock

Zoë Brock, a author and model, wrote in a post on Medium that she was tormented by Mr. Weinstein in 1997, when she was 23. She pronounced he insisted on massaging her until she ran into a lavatory and sealed herself in.

“I wish we had oral adult sooner,” she wrote. “I wish we hadn’t suspicion this form of function was normal during a time. we wish we had suspicion there was something, anything, we could do to stop him from spiteful women all these years.

Louise Godbold

Louise Godbold, a nonprofit executive in Los Angeles, wrote in a blog post that she met with Mr. Weinstein in a early 1990s and motionless to write about it after saying other women come forward.

She described an “office debate that became an arise to trap me in an dull assembly room, a vagrant for a massage, his hands on my shoulders as we attempted to kick a retreat.”

Liza Campbell

The artist and author Liza Campbell wrote in The Times of London that she examination about a allegations opposite Mr. Weinstein and “was struck by how amazingly familiar” a claims were. She pronounced she met with a author about intensity work in 1995 in his hotel room, and he invited her to “jump in a bath” with him, call her to leave.

Romola Garai

Romola Garai, a British singer who has seemed in cinema including “Atonement” and “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights,” pronounced she met with Mr. Weinstein in a hotel room. “He answered a doorway in his bathrobe. we was usually 18,” she told The Guardian. “I felt disregarded by it, it has stayed really clearly in my memory.”

Léa Seydoux

The French singer Léa Seydoux told The Guardian that she ran into Mr. Weinstein during a Paris conform uncover and he insisted on a follow-up assembly during his hotel. There, amid a examination about her career, Mr. Weinstein attempted to lick her, she said. “He attempted some-more than once,” she said, adding that he was “very domineering” and “losing control.”


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Claire Forlani

In a matter posted on Twitter, a English singer Claire Forlani pronounced she had evaded Mr. Weinstein’s advances on 5 occassions: twice during a Peninsula Hotel and 3 times during dinners. “I was 25,” she said. “I remember him revelation me all a actresses who had slept with him and what he had finished for them.”

Florence Darel

Florence Darel, a French actress, told People magazine that Mr. Weinstein propositioned her in a mid-1990’s while his mother was in an adjoining room. “What happened to me might not be bootleg yet it was inappropriate. Very inappropriate,” she said.

Sophie Dix

Sophie Dix, an English actress, told The Guardian that in a mid-1990’s, Mr. Weinstein invited her to a hotel room to examination film footage and attempted to force himself on her. After locking herself in a bathroom, Ms. Dix motionless to escape. When she emerged, she pronounced she found Mr. Weinstein confronting a doorway and masturbating. “I fast sealed a doorway again and sealed it,” she said. “Then when we listened room use come to a doorway we usually ran.”

Niraj Chokshi contributed reporting.

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