Twentieth Century Fox has always been kind of a churned bag when it comes to Marvel superhero movies. We’ve gotten some positively shining X-Men movies, as good as some not so good ones, and sometimes, we get Fantastic Four. Recently though, Fox unequivocally seems to have been stepping adult their game, generally when they figured out they could have financially successful R-rated superhero movies, that gave us Deadpool and Logan, dual of a best superhero cinema of all time. Now that they know it works, there’s no doubt that they’ll continue the trend in a future.

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What’s adult subsequent for Fox, though? Recently, they announced 6 recover dates for puzzling unnamed Marvel cinema by 2021, in further to their already designed releases of The New MutantsDeadpool 2 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. They possess a rights to hundreds of Marvel characters from a X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises, so their options are flattering open. The producers during Fox have name-dropped some-more than a few singular solo and group projects they’re meddlesome in producing recently, and a stars usually seem to be aligning right for others. That said, here are 15 films that we cruise competence usually be partial of Fox’s puzzling superhero film lineup!



Fox has been perplexing to get a Gambit film into growth for years now and Channing Tatum has drifted in and out of connection to a project. Now that Fox has apparently stepped their prolongation report into high gear, it could meant that Gambit’s time to gleam has finally come.

Gambit has formerly seemed on-screen played by Taylor Kitsch in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but many like Deadpool, there weren’t many fans of a movie’s description of a character, so a devise has been to give a impression a vast shade reboot. It stays to be seen if Channing Tatum can do probity to a character, yet as one of a many renouned X-Men characters of a ’90s. A lot of people have been patiently watchful for their favorite mutant to get his solo debut.

14. DR. DOOM

Doctor Doom

Fox has had an barbarous and ugly history with a Fantastic Four franchise, and they’re honestly apropos a barren commodity. Marvel Studios is patiently accessible their probability to take rights back, yet don’t count Fox out yet. With Sony holding a track of villain-focused movies, it’s not out of a area of probability for Fox to start doing a same thing. Lucky for them, they have a rights to a biggest Marvel knave of all time: Dr. Victor von Doom.

Dr. Doom has his possess following detached from a Fantastic Four, and they’ve been some-more unhappy than anyone that each try to put Doom on-screen has been ridiculous, brash and definitely ignorant of a comic book source material. If Fox wanted to take one final gash during a Fantastic Four license, this would be a thing to do.


Human Torch

Another trail open to Fox for resurrecting their Fantastic Four failures is to put aside a group aspect of a authorization and usually concentration on one of a heroes. The apparent choice would be Johnny Storm, a tellurian torch. Not usually is he a impression slightest tied to a group AND a one with a many visually explosive powers, yet a opposite chronicle of a Human Torch was indeed Marvel Comics’ initial superhero! So, a judgment has already been proven as a solo success.

One of a few praised aspects of 2015’s Fantastic Four was Michael B. Jordan’s description of Johnny Storm, so they even have a event to pierce in a informed face to lift on a character, yet it competence be improved to usually start from blemish and omit a rest of a Fantastic Four completely.

12. X-23


After a success of Logan, there have been a lot of questions about a destiny of Laura Kinney, X-23, a immature Wolverine-like mutant introduced in a movie. Fox author Simon Kinberg has uttered an seductiveness in posterior a destiny with a character, yet didn’t state either that would take a form of a solo film or as partial of a incomparable garb group movie.

Fox is going to be desperately looking to fill a opening left by Wolverine after Hugh Jackman’s retirement from a role, and X-23 could be a singular and engaging approach to do it, generally given a immature singer would be authorised to grow adult with a purpose in many a way Marvel Studios is formulation to do with Tom Holland as Spider-Man.


Silver Surfer

One of a occasionally used Marvel characters that Fox owns a rights to is a intensely renouned Silver Surfer. They gave him his initial tour in Fantastic Four: Rise of a Silver Surfer in 2007, that was panned by critics and audiences alike, and close down a authorization for scarcely a decade until a subsequent unsuccessful Fantastic Four outing.

Silver Surfer was indeed one of a improved tools of a movie, that isn’t observant much, yet he’s an intensely renouned comic book impression in his possess right and unequivocally deserves his possess film alongside a improved take on Galactus. The categorical emanate is that he would be a complicated CGI character, that means that a studio would wish to be positive of financial success before investing heavily in a film like that, yet it could be time to put their chips on a table.


Colossus in Deadpool

Colossus has always been one of a some-more renouned X-Men characters given his introduction in 1975, and with a character’s re-introduction as a ancillary impression in Deadpool, it seems they finally have a plain interpretation of a impression on-screen, uttered with an authentic Russian accent by Stefan Kapicic, who’s 6’4 in genuine life, so he could take a non-CGI side of a impression too.

With a proclamation that Deadpool 2 will pierce Colossus behind in a incomparable role, they could be decoration a impression for his possess solo film, and with a all-CGI inlet of a impression so far, they could simply go behind in time to try Colossus’s start story in Russia, or try what he’s doing after a events of Deadpool 2 with Negasonic Teenage Warhead and a X-Men.



As many as NOBODY wants to cruise about it, we have to cruise a probability that Fox isn’t utterly finished with their attempts during a Fantastic Four movie. If they don’t put out a film during slightest once each 10 years, afterwards they’re forced to give a rights behind to their opposition Marvel Studios, that is a final thing they wish to do with a potentially essential property.

It would be a confidant pierce to reconstitute a Fantastic Four so fast after a final one failed, yet if they’ve been holding notice of what Marvel’s doing with Spider-Man, afterwards they would co-sign rights over to Marvel in many a same way. Sony is removing 100% of a increase for Spider-Man: Homecoming, an event that Fox would substantially burst during given a chance.


Deadpool 2 set image

One thing that’s substantially guaranteed to be on Fox’s film report is a third installment of their extravagantly successful Deadpool franchise. Even if a second one, set to recover in 2018, doesn’t live adult to a expectations set by a first, it’s still flattering many guaranteed to be a money-making machine, as is a third installment of a trilogy.

There seems to be an phonetic sequence these days that blockbuster superhero cinema have to be trilogies (at least), and it’s rarely expected that Fox will continue creation Deadpool films prolonged over array three. Ryan Reynolds is a vast fan of a impression and a approach Fox is doing it, so we’re substantially guaranteed a new installment each integrate years for as prolonged as they sojourn profitable.

7. X-MEN 8

Young X-Men Battle Armor Apocalypse

Since X-Men is Fox’s many essential superhero franchise, it’s doubtful that we’re going to see a finish of X-Men films any time in a nearby future, even if they have to do a dozen some-more uncanny timeline reboots to keep it going. We know that X-Men: Dark Phoenix is subsequent in line in 2018, yet they have over 50 years of comic book storylines to pull from and literally hundreds of characters they could pierce in, so there’s no necessity of source element for them to divert dry.

Other than X-Men: Apocalypse, Fox is even on a flattering good winning strain for X-Men films, with First Class and Days of Future Past being some of a best complement of a series. We’re roughly guaranteed to get another X-Men film before a finish of 2021.


Alpha flight

Just before a recover of Logan, Fox author Simon Kinberg gave an talk detailing Fox’s destiny skeleton for a X-Men authorization after Hugh Jackman’s depart from a purpose of Wolverine. One of a intriguing nuggets of information was their seductiveness in “other characters like X-Flight…” There’s no superhero group called “X-Flight” in Marvel’s history, yet there is an X-Men-adjacent group called “Alpha Flight.”

Odds are that Kinberg isn’t usually incorrectly throwing X’s onto each comic book cover he looks at, yet that Fox is indeed delicately eyeing Alpha Flight for a possess vast shade adaptation, retooling a pretension as X-Flight so ubiquitous audiences know what they’re removing into. Alpha Flight is radically a Canadian chronicle of a X-Men that primarily counted Wolverine as partial of a register before he went off a join a X-Men.


Exiles Mike McKone

The other engaging name dump from that talk with Kinberg was “Exiles,” that consists of characters from opposite measure and realities that have been private from time and space in sequence to put right a problems in several swap worlds and anomalous timelines.

This would be an engaging film authorization to take on given it would open adult a doors to play with opposite takes on Fox’s other X-Men characters and other timelines that have been deserted during large. This also competence be an engaging approach to pierce Wolverine behind into a star with an swap universe chronicle that doesn’t demeanour like Hugh Jackman, yet even yet relying on a crutch of Wolverine, Exiles has adequate storylines and possibilities to during slightest get a successful trilogy out of, if not more.


Jennifer Lawrence Mystique

With Hugh Jackman out as Wolverine, Fox is going to be looking for another impression to take core stage. Looking during a past several years of X-Men movies, it looks like they’ve been bathing Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique for that role, that is an off choice, deliberation that eventually she’s ostensible to turn a villain.

With shortly to be 4 films as a impression underneath her belt and recently holding a purpose as favourite and personality of a X-Men, Fox competence be personification a prolonged diversion of lifting her adult to be a favourite in a X-universe, usually to have a remarkable change and be a X-Men’s biggest knave yet. With her ability to shapeshift, an movement trilogy headlined by Mystique could go places usually as engaging and heartless as any Wolverine film with a combined amour of her ever-looming dim side.



Cable is set to be introduced in Deadpool 2, with eminent actor Josh Brolin holding it on. This is an engaging pierce for several reasons. Josh Brolin will presumably be withdrawal his longtime purpose as Thanos in a MCU after Avengers 4which means he’ll be accessible to spend a prolonged time in a singular purpose somewhere else. Cable is one of a X-Men’s many engaging and renouned characters, and with a gifted actor like Brolin in a role, this could be a pretence for replacing Wolverine in a X-universe.

Cable’s time-travelling abilities put him in a singular position to correlate with past and destiny versions of a stream X-lineup, that means he could be a pivotal to bringing apart destiny characters (like X-23) or apart past characters (like McAvoy’s X-team) into a benefaction day with Deadpool and Colossus, solidifying Fox’s wonky timeline once and for all.


9 Wolverine and Daken

Let’s be honest. Hugh Jackman might have late from a role, yet that doesn’t meant Wolverine is gone. Batman was recast 5 times after Adam West, Spider-Man was recast twice after Tobey Maguire, Superman was recast twice usually in live-action films. So rest assured, eventually, Wolverine will be recast as well.

As Fox’s categorical captivate for roughly 20 years, they could be looking to reinstate Hugh Jackman earlier rather than later, and a time-hopping antics of a X-Men authorization could meant that we have a immature Wolverine film to demeanour brazen to in a subsequent few years to deliver a new actor in a iconic role. Fans will be discerning to protest (as they always are) when a purpose is recast, yet eventually, people will grow to accept it. If Fox unequivocally wants to get it right though, they have to deliver a character’s iconic costume.



An X-Force film is a plain pledge during this point. While it stays to be seen what they’ll do about stuffing Wolverine’s purpose as a longtime member of a team, X-Force has been talked about given a success of Deadpoolwho was a member of a register during author Rick Remender and artist Jerome Opena’s Uncanny X-Force.

X-Force is a X-Men group that exists to do a unwashed work, a ugly, aroused work that a unchanging X-Men group can’t be seen doing in a face of open scrutiny. Now that Fox has satisfied they can be successful with R-rated superhero movies, this is a ideal time to pierce in a X-Force to be additional bloody. Deadpool is a usually guaranteed member during this time, yet there’s intensity to pierce in Cable, Psylocke and even X-23.

Which superhero cinema do YOU wish Fox will dump in a arriving lineup? Let us know in a comments!

15 Superhero Flicks That Might Be On The Fox Movie Lineup

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